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Dr. José Manuel Sanjurjo

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He entered the Naval Military School, where he received his dispatch in 1970. After various assignments in the Fleet, he was selected to study at the Higher Technical School of Naval Weapons Engineers of the Ministry of Defense, where he obtained the title of Engineer of Naval weapons specializing in missiles. Later he follows the Naval Weapons Engineering Doctor courses.

He graduated from the Defense System Management College (DSMC), where he obtained the title of International Program Manager, Virginia (USA).

He has a diploma in Higher Defense Studies and High Resource Management and Administration at the Higher Center for National Defense Studies (CESEDEN). In this same center he is studying the cycle for promotion to General Officer.

During his provisional activity, he carried out various courses in centers in the USA and Italy.

A large part of his professional activity has been carried out in international cooperation programs, among which it is worth highlighting:

Assigned in Washington to the NAVAL SEA SYSTEM COMMAND, from the US Department of Defense to the NATO Ati Air Warfare System (NAAWS) Program as weapons director.
Director of the FAMS Program (FAMILY OF ANTI-AIRCRAFT MISSILES) at the Paris International Office in which Italy, France and the United Kingdom participate.

Extensive experience in managing high-tech programs at the Ministry of Defense.

Already in the rank of admiral, he was Deputy Director of General Sustainment of the Navy and Director of Naval Constructions.

Retired from active service, he was director of the Cartagena Shipyard.

Academic of number of the Royal Academy of Engineering of Spain in which he holds the position of vice-president.

Currently he is Dean of the Official College of Naval Weapons Engineers, and vice president of the Civil Association of Defense Engineers and belongs to the executive committee of the Association of Diplomates in Advanced Defense Studies

He is in possession of various decorations:

Grand Cross of the Royal and Military Order of San Hermenegildo, Grand Cross of Naval Merit, Plaque and Commendation of the Royal and Military Order of San Hermenegildo, four Crosses of Naval Merit.
US Navy Naval Cross
He is a Knight of the Order of Merit of Norway