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Dr. José Francisco Albarrán Núñez

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Mechanical Electrical Engineer from the Faculty of Engineering of the UNAM. Ph.D. Electrical Engineering and Computer Science from the University of California.

He is a consultant in the development and execution of infrastructure projects.

He was President and Vice President, among other positions in the AI.

He designed the first Project Engineering diploma in Mexico.

He wrote the six-volume “Notes for Project Engineers” series to support the professional development of this vital position in the infrastructure projects industry.

He was a full professor at the Faculty of Engineering at UNAM, Senior Researcher at the Institute of Applied Mathematics and Systems, also at UNAM, as well as at the Institute for Electrical Research.

In the private sector, he worked for 23 years at Grupo ICA, where he became involved in the management of engineering and construction projects, both at ICA Fluor and at ICA Construcción Civil.

He was Deputy Director of Engineering in the Corporate Directorate of Engineering and Project Development of Pemex.