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Dr. José Ignacio Pérez Arriaga

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(Electrical Engineer, ICAI, Universidad Pontifica Comillas; Doctor and Master in Electrical Engineering, MIT). Permanent visiting professor at MIT since 2008. Professor in Electrical Engineering, Universidad Pontificia Comillas (ICAI). Director of Training for Energy at the Florence School of Regulation. Full member of the Royal Spanish Academy of Engineering. Founding member of the NGO Aula de Solidaridad and member of the Council of ONGAWA. Member of the Scientific Council of the Enel Foundation. He has been founder and director (1984-1994) of the Technological Research Institute (IIT) and Director of the BP Chair of Energy and Sustainability (2002-2018) of the Universidad Pontificia Comillas. Member of the National Electric System Commission (1995-2000). Independent Director of the Irish Electricity Market Regulatory Commission (2007-2012). Editor of the latest IPCC report. Member of the Court of Appeal of the European Energy Regulatory Agency (2012-2017). He has advised institutions and companies and taught courses in more than forty countries. He has directed more than one hundred research projects, directed forty doctoral theses and more than one hundred master’s degrees, and published several books and more than 200 articles in international journals. His area of ​​specialty is the technical, economic and regulatory analysis of electrical power systems. He is currently working on the design of regulatory models and planning studies to accelerate electrification processes in developing countries.