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Dr. Jaime Domínguez Abascal


Mechanical Engineer. Currently, Professor of Mechanical Engineering, University of Seville, since 1980.

Visiting professor at the Universities of Stanford (1983) and Sheffield (1991), Southwest Research Institute (San Antonio, Texas) (1986-87) and Massachusetts Institute of Technology (1996-97, 98, 2009).

Director of the Higher School of Engineers of Seville (2015-19) and subdirector in two occasions (1981-1983 and 1988-1989), Head of the Mechanical Engineering Department (1983-1985). Director of the Office of Management of the Scientific and Technological Research (OGICYT, University of Seville) (1989-92) and of the Office for Technology Transfer (OTRI, University of Seville) (1994-2000). Coordinator of the Area of Mechanical and Textile Technology of the National Agency of Evaluación and Prospectiva (ANEP) (1992-95). He has impelled the creation of the Andalusian Center for Metrology (CAM), and current Director (2001 – ). Member of the Academic (1992- ) and Administrative (1992-2010) Council and of the Board of Governors (2011- ) of the International for Center Mechanical Sciences (CISM). Member of the Royal Academy of Sciences of Seville. Vice president of the Spanish Society of Structural Integrity (2003-11). Andalusian Antonio de Ulloa Award for Researchers in Engineering

Member of the Editorial Board of several international journals.

He has worked mainly in dynamics, structural integrity of mechanical systems and biomechanics. The works in dynamics are predominantly centred in vibrations and flexible multibody systems dynamics. In structural integrity he has worked mainly in fatigue and fracture of mechanical systems, especially in fatigue crack growth under irregular and random loading, growth of cracks emanating from notches and fretting fatigue. In biomechanics, the work is centred in bone healing and remodelling. Results of this work are more than two hundred papers in international journals and conferences. Advisor of 24 PhD Theses, author of 5 patents and responsible of more than 100 R&D Projects with public and private founding.