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Dra. María Vallet Regí


Vice President of the RAI and professor at UCM. Researcher in Biomedicine. More than 800 peer-reviewed articles cited more than 50,000 times with H 104 index. She has received international and national awards and is a member of the Royal Academies of Pharmacy and Engineering, the International College of Fellows of Biomaterials Science and Engineering (FBSE) and the American Institute for Biomedical and Biological Engineering. Honorary doctorates from U JAUME I and PAIS VASCO, National Research Award in 2008; Jaime I for Basic Research in 2018, and Medal of Merit in Research and University Education, 2019, among others. A pioneer in the field of mesoporous silica ceramic materials with application in biomedicine, she discovered the potential biomedical applications of these materials, particularly in the field of bone regeneration and controlled drug delivery systems. He works with nanoparticles to fight cancer, infection and osteoporosis.