Coloquio Formación en Ingeniería – AI – RAI

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Mtro. Alberto Lepe Zúñiga


Engineer graduated from the Faculty of Engineering of the UNAM where he graduated as Engineer

Electrical Mechanic and later Industrial Engineer. He obtained his Master’s degree in

Engineering in Operations Research in the Division of Higher Studies of its own

Faculty of Engineering.

Member of ASIS (American Society of Industrial Security) with the Protection Certificate

professional (CPP).

During his professional life he worked more than 34 years in the Federal Public Service, in various

Secretariats such as: Engineering Institute: Head of the Department of Photography; Researcher at the

Operations Research Department. Secretariat of the Presidency (Investments

Public): Analyst of the Education Sector and Deputy Head of the Department of Social Welfare.

Secretariat of Public Education: Head of the Department of Studies and Projects, and Deputy Director of

Planning Center for Research and Advanced Studies of the IPN: Founder and Coordinator of the

Educational Research Department. Secretariat of Human Settlements and Works

Public: Director General of Programming and Budget. Ministry of Energy and Mines:

Comptroller. Support and Services for Agricultural Marketing: General Director of

Administration and finance. Federal Public Security Secretariat: General Director of

Technological development. UNAM, Faculty of Engineering: Coordinator of the Research Center in

Technological Development for Security.

He has been Director of consulting companies dedicated to projects and Information Systems


For the last 11 years, he has been a Consultant in physical security projects directly or through

UNAM in favor of different agencies such as: Pemex, PGR, the Executive Secretariat of the

National Public Security System, State Governments, airports, seaports, STC

Metro, CAPUFE, among others.