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Dra. Claudia Marina Vicario Solórzano

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Graduate with a degree in Computer Science from the National Polytechnic Institute of Mexico. Teacher in

Higher Education from the National Autonomous University of Mexico and a Doctorate in Pedagogy

by UNAM.

He currently works as a leader in the subject of Educational Computing from the Network of

Computer Research of the IPN. Heads the Educational Technology group for the committee


At the National Polytechnic Institute (IPN) he has held various positions as president of different

academies and head of the Computer Science career, from where she participated in the creation

of the National Council for Accreditation in Informatics and Computing (CONAIC), and in which it follows

being an evaluator. She was also Head of the area of Educational Models with Technology at the

Coordination of Academic Computation of the IPN and later highlights her role as Director

founder of the Center for Training and Educational Innovation of the IPN.

He has coordinated more than 30 research and development projects in engineering matters

informatics and educational informatics, some of which have been international in nature such as

the project “Production of Educational Content Supported in ICT for Indigenous Languages

(CONEDUC) ”with the Polytechnic University of Madrid (2009) towards the creation of the chair


He conceived in 2014 and founded the LaTE Mexico Network together with other colgas in 2016. Currently the

CONACyT Thematic Network where she is its Technical Manager and serves as Coordinator of

this as a community within the National Network of Education and Research administered by the

Consortium of Universities for Internet Development (CUDI).

He was President of the Mexican Society of Computing in Education (SOMECE). Belongs

to the Mexican Academy of Informatics and the Academy of Engineering.

He is a member of the editorial committees of the journals: Innovación Educativa, EDyT, Transmedia y


He has been awarded the Lázaro Cárdenas (Academic Merit) and Amalia Solórzano medals

de Cárdenas (For her merits as a researcher) both from the IPN.